Who are Friends and Who are Enemies of the State?

By: Lt Gen Antonio Parlade Jr (Manila Times: 26 Nov 2020)

Lt Gen Jun Parlade is a tireless military officer who has been leading the campaign to address the CPP’s devious propaganda effort. Here, he calls a spade a spade: that the Kamatayan Bloc in Congress are nothing but front organizations of the CPP/NPA/NDF. Our people deserve to know the real score.

THUS are the battle lines clearly drawn in the government campaign against the communist insurgency of the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army/National Democratic Front (CPP/NPA/NDF).

It is unfortunate that such a polarization must come about for the nation, but over the past 52 years, Jose Maria Sison and his exclusive cohorts have usurped the genuine revolutionary aspirations of the Filipino people and have effectively used this to sow the seeds of divisions for the nation. The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac) will push to its legal limits the exposure of the duplicitous nature of the CPP/NPA/NDF to frustrate once and for all its long-running agenda of throwing the country into the horrors of a civil strife.

In light of the current administration’s drive to finally end this communist armed conflict, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police, together with other government agencies, have finally converged to disrobe these monsters who have been killing our children, peasants, women and other vulnerable sectors. For the first time in history we are seeing a very strong resolve from the national leadership to really put an end to this communist malaise.

Legal fronts?
The battle lines have been drawn and the Kamatayan bloc can no longer claim to be a legal grouping. They operate both aboveground and underground, as revealed by hundreds of former rebels and former cadres of the CPP/NPA. The deceptive tactics of the CPP have now been exposed to the people on a mass scale and no communist can any longer seek protection under the law for committing clandestine communist terrorist acts as they used to do in the past.

Case in point is the exploitation of celebrities who genuinely have soft spots in their hearts for the marginalized sectors of society, particularly women and children victims of exploitation. The Kamatayan bloc are ever quick to seize upon opportunities and piggyback on the popularity of kindhearted celebrities in order to gain the support of millions of innocent fans.

Church workers
Such is the case of the poor nuns of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP). Just like showbiz celebrities, church workers and lay people command respect from our communities because of the strong influence of religion in our society. It is not surprising therefore that this sector is also targeted by the CPP as perfect cover for communist criminal and terroristic acts. Through a systematic process called AOM — arouse-organize-mobilize, some members of the religious are individually targeted until they are subverted into fighting a cause they don’t fully understand.

Is this ever possible given the religiosity of these lay people? Of course, it is.

Let’s start with Fr Luis Jalandoni, who was recruited in Spain in the 1960s through a radical Spanish priest classmate Fr. Jose Ma Diez Alegria, at the Gregorian University in Rome. Fr. Alegria eventually left the Roman Catholic Church and became a member of the Spanish Communist Party. Thus did Jalandoni come to join the CPP.

From those ties, the influence of liberation theology in Latin America spread with the creeping strategy of the communists around the world, and reached the shores of Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and many more.

Have we forgotten the violence by which communist governments killed millions in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam? We almost did, even as the CPP/NPA terrorists continue to kill thousands of our people, all civilians — all after being intimidated and terrorized into providing support for the communist insurgency.

The NPA goons threatened the Department of Education as they recruited Association of Concerned Teachers members from among innocent teachers. They threatened our industrial workers sector as they recruited radicals from among the working class through the Kilusang Mayo Uno. They threatened faculty and students of the University of the Philippines and other schools, as they continued to recruit intelligent students into the ranks of the League of Filipino Students, the National Union of Students of the Philippines, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the Anakbayan, the Kabataan and eventually the underground Kabataang Makabayan.

They threatened many more sectors into silence, including government officials, as they recruited government workers to the Confederation for Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees. They intimidated fiscals, judges and their families, as they infiltrated the judiciary through the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) and eventually the underground Lupon ng mga Manananggol ng Bansa.

Going back to the church, let’s look back at how Fr. Conrado Balweg revealed his tactic of attacking a community near an ambush area, making it appear that government soldiers did the attack. For want of vengeance, people from the community defected to the NPA in great masses.

Let’s refresh our minds on the recruitment of Indigenous People’s (IP) children in North Cotabato by Fr. Pops Tentorio, an Italian priest who was later killed for sending to the NPA ranks 700 of his 800 “scholars.” The same Fr. Pops would be declared by Ibon Foundation books as a “national hero” to the IP students of Salugpungan schools, which the government finally closed down.

What about Fr. Frank Hernandez and Fr. Frank Navarro? They all have stories of deception and brutality to tell. What about Sister Fox, the Australian radical who was eventually expelled by the government?

These members of the clergy were exploited by the CPP for one simple reason — to use them to advance the cause of the communist rebellion, capitalizing on the influence and respect that they normally enjoy from the faithful.

RMP case
So now we have this case of RMP. The NUPL is again invoking “argumentum ad misericordiam” because the subjects involved are old nuns. But must they all be above the law for being old and being nuns? How can these NUPL lawyers disregard the following facts:

1. RMP by above nuns along with 10 others was charged before the Municipal Trial Court for Cities of Quezon City for perjury.

2. Trial is ongoing as we presented the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) representative who testified that RMP’s SEC registration had been revoked or canceled 13 years ago.

3. In an attempt to derail the ongoing trial, NUPL members led by lawyer Ephraim Cortez filed before the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Quezon City a petition for review on certiorari, under Rule 65 with a prayer for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO).

4. Office of the Solicitor General lawyers appeared just recently opposing the TRO and pleading for the dismissal of the petition for review for utter lack of legal basis. The petitioned TRO was denied as lawyer Cortez of NUPL was confronted with a certificate of arraignment of all 11 accused, including the nun mentioned above.

Meantime, RTC Manila, by petition of the Anti-Money Laundering Council, issued a PAPO — provisional asset preservation order — provisionally freezing the RMP’s BPI account worth P15 million.

The above factual milieu and antecedent proceedings clearly negate Rappler writer Lian Buan’s malicious and totally distorted piece.

All sorts of legal operatives of the CPP/NPA/NDF are working so hard to bring the NTF-Elcac down. This is the clear challenge before us: Shall we bend back in acquiescence?

No, we have drawn the line. We will be firm about it.

The day of judgment is upon us all. Either we support our legal system, the rule of law, the morality and propriety of ending this communist insurgency, or join the underground and face the wrath of all the people victimized by 52 years of CPP/NPA/NDF atrocities.

Soon, very soon, blood debts will be settled.

For a clearer view, just click on the pics. Cover photo courtesy of the Daily Tribune. Other pics courtesy of: Showbiz Chika, the Philippine News Agency, No To Violence, and Philippine Information Agency.

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