My 9 Years of Blogging with WordPress

I just got a warm greeting from WordPress for having logged 9 years as a regular blogger for the company. Wow!!! I didn’t realize it has been that long since I tried this out.

Feeling fulfilled after 9 years of blogging with WordPress.

Looking back, I have to say it has been a fun and enlightening experience. There’s the sense of pride for having connected with people around the world; there’s the fulfillment in knowing that my silly ramblings and memoirs are making sense to a group of people out there; and truth to tell, there is so much I have learned since I joined this lovely community of writers.

Not only that, writing for WordPress has somehow delayed my aging process, as I have had to exercise my brain often enough. It has also given me a chance to develop friendships with young guys whose ideas and energy alone are not just a boon, they are – to me – the secret to staying young.

And I wish to thank all of you, for having dropped by to keep me company in what would otherwise have been a lonely journey. You have strengthened my resolve during such tragedies when Typhoon Yolanda or the killer quakes or the volcanic eruptions made life difficult. You have rejoiced with me in the many spectacular wins – in sports and in life’s mightier challenges – and condoled with me in the anguish of defeat. You have cheered me on as I pursued my passions and my advocacies. You have doted with me over my mischievous grandson, Buchi. And you have shared my awe in the beautiful places we have gone through, even as you were there only in spirit.

For the record, since October 2012, we have published 567 articles, have made 2.7 million plus hits across the globe, have reached out to 237 countries all over the world. There remain 14 countries that we haven’t reached yet, and these are: Antartica, Bouvet Island, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Eritrea, the French Southern Territories, Heard and McDonald Island, North Korea, Pitcairn, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, St. Helena, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, the United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Western Sahara. But I’m still hopeful that sooner or later, with your help, my posts shall reach these places as well.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for making this journey a memorable and productive one. And I shall endeavor to support you as well in your own blogs. As the song goes: I’m just one call away.

Pictures courtesy of ABC News, Habitat for Humanity, PhilStar, The Asean Post, YouTube, sports Illustrated, South China Morning Post and BBC.


  1. ….all countries in the region of former Yugoslavia are in a similar situation, unstable, small states under the influence of great powers, states on the border of different civilizations, religions..Covid is a problem everywhere, there are vaccines but only about 50 percent are vaccinated, mostly young people will not are vaccinated..I wish you a nice and pleasant day and all the best.

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    1. Thank you so much, John. I have also been reading yours for some time now! And I want you to know that we have a lot of similarities; a love for sports, a love for trvel, advocacies, etc. We are kindred souls, my dear friend!


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