Buchi’s Back for the Holidays

Didn’t plan it, didn’t expect it. But yes, I must confess I wished for it. But certainly not under these difficult circumstances.

Buchi flew in from Tagbilaran to Manila right before Christmas. With the parentals, Dad Carlo and Mom Freedom, of course. This was after Super Typhoon Odette ripped through our beloved Bohol last December 16. Odette created so much havoc and left the province in total disarray, prompting us to evacuate the kids in the meantime. With no electricity, no water, spotty communications, rising gas prices and a threat of food shortage, we felt it was better to have the kids with us for a while. (Well, it is – at the very least – still a great excuse to have them here in Manila for the holidays, don’t you think?)

So while they’re cleaning the mess, clearing the streets, repairing power lines, fixing the water problem, bringing in relief supplies, and working on what-else-is-there-to-do, we’re relishing the presence of our dear grand-kiddo, Buchi.

But first, here’s a look at our home in Bohol. Compared to most other homes, ours was only slightly damaged, thanks to the extra-thick foliage providing maximum cover. But the trees all around had a major make-over. It was like the Beatles getting a haircut for Military Recruit Training. Where we used to have lots of shade and a thick forest overhead cover, we now could see the clear blue sky. Truly heartbreaking to see decades-old trees felled by this natural disaster; and on a Christmas holiday.

But back to Buchi.

Buchi has been quite a trouper really. During the storm, he displayed a cheerful demeanor that was a great assurance despite the frightful winds and the flying debris. Unaware of the danger, he just breezed through the storm. Now in Manila, he has been helping the mom shop for relief goods to bring back to Tagbilaran. He gave us reason to perk up our Manila home this Christmas. He is a joy to behold, despite the tragedy the typhoon brought us. Buchi – with his happy innocence, his naughty ways, his daredevil attitude – has magically turned our dark skies bright.

Happy new year, everyone! Hope these Buchi pics bring a bit of joy to your day. For a closer look, just click on the pics. (And he’s gonna be with us for a few more days!!! Yipeeee!!!)


    1. With him here, us grannies feel young again. You should see the grandmom on her knees making like a horse! And me running around the kitchen playing hide and seek! yup, i’m looking silly, and loving it! 🙂

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  1. He is such a sweet and adorable little child. Give lots of love to him on my behalf. I really feel sad for the devastation caused by the typhoon. I am also glad to know that the situation is gradually returning to normalcy. I would love to read more posts from you. Awesome and a sweet post. Keep blogging!

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    1. Thanks mucho for the kind words! You don’t know how much those mean to a doting granddad like me. It just feels good to know that he grows with my (aherm, aherm) genes, of course. 🤪🤣😋

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