It’s the Eagles vs the Chiefs: Who You Got?

It’s showtime once again, folks, as American football’s finest meet at centerstage for the much-awaited season finale, the Super Bowl showdown. Featuring the fancied Kansas City Chiefs versus an equally star-studded Philadelphia Eagles, this movie script couldn’t get any better than this, with betting odds favoring the Eagles by only a slim 1.5-point spread. For the first time in a long time, 2 conference top seeds, the best of the best – the AFC’s Chiefs and the NFC’s Eagles – will be pitted against each other. Both teams have identical 16 – 3 win-loss slates, and making this even more fantastic, both have identical 546 points scored for the season. Will the Chiefs roast the Eagles for dinner? Or will the Eagles claw off the Chiefs’ scalps this Sunday?

The Chiefs, the 2019 Super Bowl titlists, are led by their phenomenal quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, recently voted as the season’s MVP. The Eagles, on the other hand, were the 2017 Super Bowl champs. They are led by an outstanding sophomore quarterback, Jalen Hurts, who landed runner-up to Mahomes in the MVP race. An interesting aside to this duel is that this will be the first time 2 black QBs will be leading both teams in the Super Bowl. And with their combined age of only 51 years, this will be the youngest set of QBs to square off in this title-clinching extravaganza.

Both teams also have identical number of players named All-Pro this year at 6 each. The Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and defensive lineman Chris Jones received unanimous or near-unanimous votes at 50 and 49 from 50 media voters respectively, to make the First Team along with Mahomes. The Eagles, on the other hand, have center Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother; and offensive tackle Lane Johnson joining the All-Pro First Team.

And yes, another interesting sideshow is that this will be the first time in the Super Bowl for 2 brothers to be pitted against each other. To top that, Travis and elder brother Jason are not just roster players either, as both were voted First Team All-Pro.

But while the Chiefs have more stars in the First Team, the Eagles are considered more dangerous with their deeper roster. The Chiefs’ offense – considered the best offensive line in the league during the regular season – will be highlighted by the Mahomes – Kelce pass deliveries, while the Eagles will mix their offense with Hurts’ rushing and passing dual threat.

It is on the defense that the Eagles will show a marked advantage. The Eagles own the league’s top pass defense, and boast of 4 defenders with 10 or more sacks for the season, the highest in the league, and head-and-shoulders over the rest. The Chiefs’ defense will be focused on Chris Jones alone. This then could be the key match-up of the game: the Chiefs’ passing offense against the Eagles’ pass defense, both tops in the league.

That said, while the Eagles are only 1.5-point favorites over the Chiefs, the strong defense coupled with a balanced offense – in short, a well-rounded and deeper roster – will be an advantage I believe will carry them through. I foresee the Eagles outlasting the Chiefs 31-20 with their head-hunting defense, and combination air and ground attacks.

The Super Bowl is here once again to dazzle us. Gentlemen, place your bets.

For a closer look, just click on the pics. Cover photo courtesy of ESPN. Other photos courtesy of Bleeding Green nation, NBC Sports, People, Philadelphia Eagles, AP News, Yaho! Sports and Arrowhead Pride.


  1. the eagles entire secondary will have to play absolute lights out in coverage to mitigate mahomes’ scramble playmaking. their nickel and dimebacks will be, imho, a surprisingly contributing factor in this game

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