Honoring Our Departed Mistahs on Remembrance Day

We celebrate Remembrance Day to honor all our PMA 78 classmates who have gone ahead of us. April 11 was chosen as our Remembrance Day, because it was on April 11, 1978 when we suffered our first casualty in the class, the late 2LT Lito Herrero. Lito died in an encounter barely 11 days after we reported for duty, on his very first combat operation. This Remembrance Day unfortunately, another Makatarungan has been added to the list of 38 departed mistahs. Louie Palmera joined our Creator last February. We pay our respects, and we pray to the Lord to have mercy on their souls.

Color My World

We, the members of Philippine Military Academy ‘Makatarungan’ Class of 1978 (PMA ’78), celebrated Remembrance Day last April 11, 2022 to honor the memory of our ‘Makatarungan’ classmates who have passed away. A total of 38 of our beloved classmates have left ahead of us, out of the 139 who graduated from the hallowed halls of our beloved Academy; plus the 10 others who were invited to join as honorary or associate members for their genuine friendship and warmth. In all, we have a total of 149 classmates or ‘mistahs’, as we call each other fondly.

The date, April 11, was chosen as it was on that fateful day of April 11, 1978 when our class suffered our first casualty, 2Lt Manolito ‘Lito’ Herrero of the Philippine Constabulary (PC). Having just graduated in Febuary of that year, our class had been given a 1-month vacation leave, before being required to…

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