Magsayo Makes His First Defense

Mark will win this if he brings the fight to Vargas. A long-distance fight on the other hand will favor Vargas more. Thus, whoever is able to dictate his tempo on the other will win this bout.

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PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez: The Man with the Midas Touch

Chairman Butch has undoubtedly been the principal reason behind the great turn-around in Philippine Sports. Whoever takes the role of PSC Chairman after the successful stint of Chairman Butch will have big shoes to fill. We hope that the next Chairman will heed the recommendations of the outgoing Chairman. We hope too that he will be blessed with the same passion, the same dedication for the athlete, and the same vision for sports development and nation-building as a whole. To Chairman Butch, you will be remembered and greatly revered. We could not have asked for more. Our salute to you.

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