Paalam Bags a Silver To Wrap Up An Unforgettable Olympic Campaign

Carlo’s switch in strategy only served to benefit the brawling Galal. Carlo would occasionally come up with good combinations to spice up the exchanges; but the pace, the fighting space, the fighting style simply favored Galal. Instead of moving like a matador in a bullfighting spectacle, he was now simply another plodding bull stalking a bigger, badder bull.

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My Snappy Salute To Japan!

The Olympic Games have finally opened, despite the frustrations, the issues and concerns from some sectors. The trepidations remain, but the Japanese – known for their resilient and mature ways – are stepping up to the plate to take a bat for all of humanity. Japan, once viewed as a villain with its greedy ambitions in World War II, is now taking the cudgels for the world.

Bucks on the Brink!!!

The Bucks are now just a game away from the NBA crown. The crucial Game 6 will be held in their home arena at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. The momentum has changed hands now. It is now with the Bucks, as they gallop toward the finish line. Which team will respond with a greater sense of urgency? Which team will execute their offense and defense patterns successfully? Which team will the cage gods bless?

What Team USA’s Twin Exhibition Losses Are Telling Us

During the last FIBA World Cup in 2019 held in China, Team USA placed a humiliating 7th! This pre-Olympics, they have – for the first time ever – suffered 2 consecutive losses. There is now the sinking realization that if they still do not understand the sense of urgency, if they do not have the right mental attitude, if they do not imbibe and totally buy-in to the team philosophy provided by Coach Pop, then they could be beat.

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