University of the Naïve, Cowards and Red Sheep

Bobby Tiglao is a UP alumnus who laments the fact that students up till now still continue to be lured by the communist ideology that has long lost its mystique. Bobby joined the communist movement as a young idealistic student. Like the famed military defector, Victor Corpuz, he saw first-hand the inner workings of the party, and has since voiced his strong disapproval for the CPP-NPA-NDF. Here, he expresses concern over the CPP’s continued efforts to control student views at the premiere university of the land.

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The PBA Semis Sizzles!!!

The Philippine Basketball Association is back in business. And we are now down to the last four survivors in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Philippine Cup. For those who have been too preoccupied with the pandemic, as well as the recent typhoons, here’s a bit of a respite. We are now witnessing 2 grueling series with each team throwing haymakers like crazy.

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