Denver Takes First Seat to NBA’s Final Four

The Denver Nuggets have never won an NBA title before. They have reached the Conference Finals 5 times, the last one in the Bubble in 2020. This time, the Nuggets are aiming to go all the way to grab the NBA crown.

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The Quest for the NBA 2023 Title Continues!!!

Sixteen magnificent teams remained after the NBA’s long 2023 regular season. Another 8 were to fall after the first round of the brutal it’s-you-or-me killer playoffs. And the eight survivors – bloodied all, but alive nonetheless – move on to do battle yet again for the right to make the Final Four. Like the gladiators of old, eight teams prepare with their weapons of choice, to meet yet another team, in a duel to the death. It is kill-or-be-killed time, it is lose and begone!

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The Heat is On!!!

But it was playoff Jimmy, the same guy who lifted the Heat all the way to the 2020 Finals; who almost stole the show from no less than that cage god himself, Lebron James; who would once again wield his own style of cage wizardry. Jimmy ‘Buckets’ would regale his Heat faithful, making them believe that 16-point leads, 12 point leads – whatever – are nothing, if you dig deep and play your hearts out.

The Draymond Stomp

The next games will be a big test for Draymond and the Warriors. If the Warriors are eliminated in this year’s playoffs, then Draymond could be on the way out. With lucrative contracts already given to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, the Warriors’ will have a difficult time accommodating a similar extension for the 33-year old Draymond.

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