Lebron and Kawhi: What a Difference a Year Makes

“History is written by the victors.” In a way, this truism also holds true for sports. History will always be kind to the victors and cruel on the losers, as the recent NBA Championship has demonstrated.

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Hail to the New Kings of the Cage Kingdom!!!

In the end, good karma rewarded them with the biggest prize. The Los Angeles Lakers finally nailed their 17th title, tying them with the oft-regarded gurus of basketball, the Boston Celtics, for the most number of titles in the NBA. This season, both teams experienced what positivity and good karma can do for a team. The same good karma that sent the underdog teams of the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets to overachieve in this memorable playoffs. Which team will carry on with the valuable lesson? Whosoever imbibes this lesson well will have a great head-start for next year’s race for the crown.

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The Heat Hammer Back, Fight Fire with Fire!!!

Like 2 majestic prizefighters duking it out in the center of the bloodied ring, the Lakers and the Heat size each other up once more. The Heat is bruised and battered, having absorbed tremendous punishment from its oversized foe in 3 of the first 4 rounds of this 7-round classic. After losing the last-minute slugfest in Round 4, the Heat stood eyeball-to-eyeball with the Lakers once again in the dying seconds of Round 5. Would they bend a knee to the mighty Lakers?

Raving About Rondo

Rondo is perfect fit for a Laker team that is without a legit point guard. Lebron may have taken over the starting PG role this year, but he is still a work in progress. Lebron will take time before he imbibes the role completely, if he ever does. And it is Rondo who must provide the leadership role as seen from the eyes of a seasoned point laureate.

Lakers Dousing Cold Water on the Heat

It’s all over but the shouting. The way the Lakers are playing, with their supreme confidence, and with no trace of pressure seen in their faces. . And with the fateful injuries to key Heat players. The Lakers are simply bigger, better and badder at this point. That said, I expect the Lakers to close the series in 4 games.

The Heat is On!!!

The Heat are a balanced team of veterans and rookies with plenty of upside. With Iggy Igoudala, Goran Dragic and Jimmy Butler providing the wisdom, the maturation phase for the likes of Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson look assured. Despite the lack of a top-level superstar now, the team has a strong winning culture that is anchored on aggressiveness and blue-collar determination. Expect this team to be very competitive, not just in this year’s Finals, but for the years ahead.

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