Honoring Our Departed Mistahs on Remembrance Day

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We, the members of Philippine Military Academy ‘Makatarungan’ Class of 1978 (PMA ’78), celebrated Remembrance Day last April 11,…


There are certainly a lot of benefits one can derive from trees. So many things the trees help us with. And so many, many things we should thank the trees for. And so, if there’s something I wish my name would be associated with, it would definitely be a big, big tree.

The Race for the Right to Play in the NBA Playoffs

The race for the playoffs in the west is becoming tighter and more interesting. With only a couple of games remaining, there is still no clear picture as to who gets to match-up against whom. The match-ups themselves will matter, with some teams having easier times against certain match-ups with other teams. This April 15, the ref’s whistle signals the start of the playoffs. Let’s watch, and be entertained.

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Despite the passage of years, and the different paths we took, and the diverse views we may have developed through the years, there remain among us that special bond that brought us together during our early teenage years. It is an amazing glue that has kept us close. Even for those who have found a better life for themselves and their families in other countries, there still remained that yearning to reconnect and reminisce those beautiful memories of our high school days.

The Legend That Was Willis Reed

In May 8, 1970, a beleaguered New York Knicks team was playing in Game 7 of the NBA championship against the star-studded LA Lakers led by a trio of future Hall-of Famers in Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. It had been a tightly-contested NBA Finals, with the Knicks staring at a possible loss following an unfortunate thigh injury to Willis Reed, the Knicks captain and spiritual leader. The Knicks had led the series 3-2 before Reed injured his thigh. Without Reed in Game 6, Chamberlain would wreak havoc in the shaded lane, with monster figures of 45 points and 27 rebounds – both series highs – in a 22-point blowout win over the Knicks.

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