Who Will Be Crowned The New NBA Kings This Year?

This NBA playoffs has by far exceeded expectations with its surprising twists and turns, its upset wins and sorry losses. Each series has been as exciting and as unpredictable as the weather out there. Each team has a great chance to win. But each win will have to be earned the hard way. Each move in each game will have to be studied ever so seriously. Like a chess match, these 2 series will be determined by whoever reacts fast enough against the offensive and defensive ploys of the other.

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Believing the Boston Celtics

The Celtics are a pleasant surprise with their 1-0 series lead. What makes them scary is that Jayson Tatum, their main man, was not even a party to the offensive uprising in that fateful 4th stanza. What makes them scarier still is that they did it in the Warriors’ homecourt at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco.

Celtics Survive to Fight Another Day

Coach Brad has taken the game to a higher level, battling an equally-cerebral coach Eric Spoelstra in a virtual cage chess match. He has been the perfect coach for this young dynamic team. Clearly, the team has upgraded its game from the purely physical to the higher, more intellectual level. Still, the Celtics need a win in Game 6 in order to shift momentum back to their side. How will they do it? Expect coach Brad to come up with a surprise of his own.

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