Celts vs Heat: Who Will the Gods Favor?

All roads lead to Boston, so it seems. But sometimes, the gods could play a joke on the favored ones. After that gut-wrenching miracle shot the gods provided to save the Celtics’ season, what ending will they cook up to top that? Which team will they honor tomorrow?

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Who’s Joining the NBA’s Final Four?

This year’s playoff has been a total blast. Betting odds have gone awry, top teams have been disrespected. As the Chinese saying goes: we live in interesting times. Indeed, in this season’s basketball wars, it is moment-to-moment for all the surviving teams; with health, team chemistry and coaching creativity now playing major roles in the crucial days ahead.

The Heat is On!!!

But it was playoff Jimmy, the same guy who lifted the Heat all the way to the 2020 Finals; who almost stole the show from no less than that cage god himself, Lebron James; who would once again wield his own style of cage wizardry. Jimmy ‘Buckets’ would regale his Heat faithful, making them believe that 16-point leads, 12 point leads – whatever – are nothing, if you dig deep and play your hearts out.

Hail to the New Kings of the Cage Kingdom!!!

In the end, good karma rewarded them with the biggest prize. The Los Angeles Lakers finally nailed their 17th title, tying them with the oft-regarded gurus of basketball, the Boston Celtics, for the most number of titles in the NBA. This season, both teams experienced what positivity and good karma can do for a team. The same good karma that sent the underdog teams of the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets to overachieve in this memorable playoffs. Which team will carry on with the valuable lesson? Whosoever imbibes this lesson well will have a great head-start for next year’s race for the crown.

The Heat Hammer Back, Fight Fire with Fire!!!

Like 2 majestic prizefighters duking it out in the center of the bloodied ring, the Lakers and the Heat size each other up once more. The Heat is bruised and battered, having absorbed tremendous punishment from its oversized foe in 3 of the first 4 rounds of this 7-round classic. After losing the last-minute slugfest in Round 4, the Heat stood eyeball-to-eyeball with the Lakers once again in the dying seconds of Round 5. Would they bend a knee to the mighty Lakers?

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