NBA Fearless Forecast: The East Has the Beast, But the West has the Best

Who will be crowned King of the ‘New Norm’kingdom? Who will survive the fast and furious fight to the finals. In a battle of quick skirmishes and less time to mend ailing bones, the team with the deeper bench will win it all.

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Prepare for War!!!

The NBA pre-season is over. The gladiators of the cage arena are done experimenting with line-up rotations, trial offensives, defensive innovations and fancy new individual moves. It is time for the real deal. Come one, come all, it’s time to rock and roll!!!

Conquering the NBA’s Wild, Wild West

The teams are so competitive, and the playoff match-ups will be crucial. Each team must have a ready foil for the type of weaponry employed by their adversaries. Be it a long-range missile, a fast-firing machine gun, a big battering ram or a small silent bladed weapon up close, the defense must be prepared with an answer.

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