Analyzing the 1st Round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs

Now comes the real thing. It’s off with the warm-up games (aka: the regular season), and it’s on to the real games (aka: the playoffs). From hereon, it’s every game counts as the best teams step forward to do battle in the playoffs.

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The Race for the Right to Play in the NBA Playoffs

The race for the playoffs in the west is becoming tighter and more interesting. With only a couple of games remaining, there is still no clear picture as to who gets to match-up against whom. The match-ups themselves will matter, with some teams having easier times against certain match-ups with other teams. This April 15, the ref’s whistle signals the start of the playoffs. Let’s watch, and be entertained.

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The Legend That Was Willis Reed

In May 8, 1970, a beleaguered New York Knicks team was playing in Game 7 of the NBA championship against the star-studded LA Lakers led by a trio of future Hall-of Famers in Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. It had been a tightly-contested NBA Finals, with the Knicks staring at a possible loss following an unfortunate thigh injury to Willis Reed, the Knicks captain and spiritual leader. The Knicks had led the series 3-2 before Reed injured his thigh. Without Reed in Game 6, Chamberlain would wreak havoc in the shaded lane, with monster figures of 45 points and 27 rebounds – both series highs – in a 22-point blowout win over the Knicks.

Making Sense of the War in the Wild, Wild West

Overall, the key factors that will matter most in these last few games in the regular season will be: how the new players (Durant, Irving, Westbrook, etc) integrate into their new teams’ systems; how the injuries (Lebron, Durant, Zion, Towns, etc) affect their teams’ standings at the end of the season; and how other issues (Morant, Wiggins) pan out. We have here a long list of outstanding players. But do they fit in? Will they bring out the best out of the rest of the crew? Are they healthy enough – physically and mentally – for the rigors of the playoffs?

A Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns Finals Rematch In The Making?

It looks to me like it’s the Phoenix’ fearsome foursome going up once again against Milwaukee’s trio of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kris Middleton and Jrue Holiday for this year’s finale. And this time, Phoenix will take the upper hand with the entry of Kevin Durant. With the playoffs coming up fast, teams are alternately pacing their stars, developing the teamwork and chemistry with the new trade acquisitions, defining individual roles and preparing for the long grind ahead. Up ahead, it’s the playoffs. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeee!!!


The Jazz were jellin’ and jammin’ under the radar. They held the best record in the NBA at 10-3 despite a difficult schedule. With a coveted 10-3 mark, the Jazz were no longer regarded as bottom-packers and likely ‘tankers’. The Jazz officially became classified as a dangerous and legit threat. And other teams have started to prepare for them more seriously now.

Then came the debacles.

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