The Suns Shine in the West, While the Battle of the Battered Rages in the East

Injuries have become the main catalyst in this year’s playoffs. The team that is less affected by the health bug will win it all. Action has been exciting nonetheless, with coaches showing audacity and great creativity in reacting to the stars’ absence. New faces and new moves were in full display in the playoffs.

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LA Clippers Need to Get Unclipped

There is so much at stake for the Clippers in this game. After the massive investment to bring in Kawhi, George, Marcus Morris and the rest, a loss now will be a huge downer. Coach Rivers will have to get this team mentally and physically prepared to do battle. Failing that, this could be the end of the Clippers’ title dreams for the years ahead.

The NBA Restarts With A Bang!!!

The greatest take-away from the resumption of the games is no longer about basketball. Its meaning, its very significance has transcended the game itself. The NBA has demonstrated it is capable of becoming bigger than basketball. More than the entertainment value it provides, the Restart offers a venue to promote safety protocols amid this pandemic. It provides a vehicle to promote social reforms. It provides an inspiration to the world, that by standing together, we can overcome all adversities.

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