An Open Letter to Bob Bachmann

I wish to address Bob Bachmann’s remarks on the topic of the Membership Committee, as this has been at the very core of  the problem that has led to major divisions in Philippine Sports.

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A Message of Support for the New POC

But while this battle may have been won, the war is not over yet. The POC coup pals continue to crawl their way around, hoping to agitate, hoping to tempt other NSAs like the proverbial snake in the garden of Eden. We must remain vigilant.

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No to POC Coup Pals

Vargas will do well not to surrender the POC presidency and authority to the POC coup pals at this crucial stage of the game. The coup pals had their chances to leave a great legacy to Philippine sports. Unfortunately, they chose and continue to choose to serve their own interests rather than those of the athletes.

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