An Impassioned Plea to Our Philippine Sports Leaders

This Sunday, July 28, the POC General Assembly will gather to elect a new President, Chairman plus 2 Board members. We ask the esteemed members of the General Assembly to once and for all get rid of the malaise that has jinxed Philippine Sports. You can get Philippine Sports back on the right track by voting for the candidates who will not be beholden to Peping and his mafia. Your athletes, your future generations, your country will depend on you.

Color My World

Our dear NSA Leaders,

We in the Reform Philippine Sports movement appeal to you to stand and remove the chain of decadence and disrepute the Philippine Sports is locked in today. You have all been witness to the loss of respect, the lack of unity, the scheming, the blatant lying at the very top leadership of the Philippine Olympic Committee. You have seen how some old foggies still cling to their cherished positions despite a clear clamor to give the POC a fresh mandate in the interest of unity and national pride. You have felt the frustration as these ‘honorable’ men backed out from their word of honor to resign, citing a flimsy technicality and overriding the need for a clear mandate and a fresh new start. It is time to move forward and work on the SEA Games with haste – but not with a tainted leadership. It is…

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