My Good Friend, Giby


My good friend, Giby, suffered a massive stroke last June. He was so involved with the many activities in connection with the month-long Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) celebrations in Bohol that his body finally couldn’t take it anymore. Giby was lucky his son, LJ, was around to bring him to the hospital. The timely operation saved his life.

It has been 4 months since that fateful operation. Giby struggled hard, and with God’s help, and with the support of his wife, Nelia, and the kids, he has been able to make progress, however slow and excruciatingly painful.

Last week, we brought him to Panglao. It was his first time to take a trip out other than his trips to the hospital. We brought him to Dumaloan Beach and to the newly-opened Bellevue Hotel. I could see his eyes sparkle, and his mind was wide awake as we toured him around.

Giby is now on the road to recovery. God has given him a second chance at life. Perhaps, as his friends, we should take it upon ourselves to help him get back to normal life. We can text him, call him, visit him and make him laugh. We can facebook him at ‘Giby Gwapo’. His kids will read our messages to him. C’mon, folks, after everything that he’s done for us, it’s time for us to reciprocate him. With simple expressions of warmth, of care, of love.








  1. giby…you’re a fighter…i know you can beat this odds easily and i’ll pray for your quick recovery…your’ boy castillo


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