Introducing the APoDS in Hawaii – Sept 2012

I was invited to attend a Technology Insertion Workshop in Kaneuhe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii last September to present a Pinoy invention called the Anti-Pollution Distribution System (APoDS). It was the first time that a Filipino product was featured in such an event. That’s something to be proud of!

The APoDS is a small device that is attached to your engine, non-invasive in that it is a plug-and-play type gizmo, and it reduces emissions (minimum 40%), provides more power to the engine, and makes it more fuel-efficient (minimum 8%). The inventor claims that with this device, we will no longer need the turbo-charger and the catalytic converter in our cars. This could be a boon for car manufacturers. It will certainly be a boon to the public as it lessens fuel requirements and maintenance costs. The military Research and Development (R & D) guys are very interested in this because it provides the warfighters more speed, and more mileage for their fuel, while the logisticians are happy that their gas emission-reduction requirements as mandated by the Department of Defense (DOD) are complied. Imagine its application if we can make use of this for factories, coal plants, etc. Imagine its application for airplanes and ships. This project has global potential, if vetted properly.

We’re hoping to mature this product with the help of the R & D team. Further tests are being prepared. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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