Changing the Game

In the summer of 2011, I was invited to a forum in Norfolk, Virginia, USA to talk about new and creative ways of conducting war. It is good to know that our American friends have been observing our insurgency operations, and are listening to us; and are actually making good use of the lessons, the experiences they have acquired from us. A lot of the lessons, ideas, theories, the audacity and the non-traditional thinking we have demonstrated have actually come back to us in the form of US manuals and doctrines, a clear testament to the creativity of the Filipino soldier.

IPSP Bayanihan provides a different tact in waging an insurgency war. It is a dynamic strategy created and owned not just by the military, but by the stakeholders, the Filipino People. For ultimately, it is the Filipino people who should tell us what kind of AFP they would like to have. Attached is the presentation.

Changing the Game – Virginia Jun 2011

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