Could This Be the Pacquiao-Marquez-Mayweather Version of Philippine Dragon-Boating?

The 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Ckub Crew Challenge is being billed as the ‘Battle of Champions’. For the first time, Lake Buhi and Army – the dominant forces in the PDBF, will be tangling paddles with the Navy, the dominant champion in the PCKF. Everyone is invited to watch!!

Color My World

DB in Bohol!!!After just a few months of hectic preparation, Bohol is gearing to host its first-ever International Dragon Boat competition. The event has been ticked for Apr 28-29 at the picturesque Tagbilaran Strait separating the island of Panglao from the main island of Bohol. The 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge is an eagerly-awaited event, particularly among the veteran paddlers of Philippine Dragon Boating.

Bohol Takes on Dragon-Boating

Last week, for the first time, perennial champion Army was finally dislodged by an irreverent Lake Buhi crew in the 300-meters open event at the recently-concluded Manila Bay Regatta. The Army had long been the main source for our national players’ pool. In fact, majority of those who represented the country in that triumphant Tampa Games in 2011 came from the Army. And it was in Tampa where the Philippines gained international acclaim, winning the open category in record time, a record that has not been broken…

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