Ready or Not, Bohol, Here We Come!!!

I’m leaving for Bohol tomorrow.  To stay there till we’re done with the dragon boat competition. There are still lots of things to do here in Manila, but I’ve got the gang covering that up for me now.  There’s Edna Ballesteros, Josie Torralba and Nonie Bunjan manning the homefront in Manila while I’m in Bohol. From crating and loading the boats, to making sure our sponsors’ promotional materials are in, to arranging the media’s travel and accommodations, to coordinating the different teams’ arrangements in Bohol, to odd jobs and this-and-that. And I’m ever so thankful for the support we’ve been getting.

On to Bohol!!!

Gen Juachon has been the anchor of this whole operation. Let me say that without Gen, this operation would be a big mess. She came in – this feisty niece of mine – and put order in the disarray of chores I had pretty well conceived in my mind. I dreamed about it, she’d do it! What a wonderful woman she is. I have to remember to tell her husband how lucky he is, having her by his side.

Gen Juachon Takes Over

I foresee a hectic sked in Bohol. Preparations for the parade, the competition site, the different events, what else? (Gosh, what did I get myself into?) LJ Lumayag has been our primary figure in Bohol.  Young, aggressive, dynamic guy. Schooled under management guru, Anthony Pangilinan. He’ll be going places soon. And then there’s the team of creative thinkers he brought in. There’s his sister, Ghen, plus Liza Macalandag, Raul Gatal, Maleth Zafra, Angie Hoffman, Alma Lim, Girlie Garcia and many more. Thank God for the good guys.  They are like the cavalry in the movies, coming in to the rescue.dragon boating in Bohol

I’m sure all this will have a positive ending. There’s this movie where an Indian boy quips: “In the end, everything will be all right.  It’s not yet the end, so it”s not yet all right.”

See you all in Bohol for the 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge!!!

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