Faces in the Crowd (Part 4) – It’s Party Time!!!

Got the last set of pics in here. Yup, this set is no longer about bamboozling the other teams. This is about taking off those game faces, and having fun. After two days of grunting and clawing, after trading dagger looks and empty threats, it was now time to party. At the end of the day, this band of paddle-masters were never really in-your-face adversaries, but sportsmen out for some healthy competition. These guys were co-equals; peers with a great respect for each other. These guys were friends and associates. Some were even brothers and close relatives.

I mingled around. Drank beer with them. And some rhum. And whatever it was they were having. They were having a good time. I saw old friends reminiscing fond memories. Of happy thoughts of winning. And the heartbreaks of losing. I saw some members of the Tampa Team that gave glory to the country in 2011. I saw members of the equally victorious 2012 Turin Team as well. And I heard their anguished cries for unity in the sport.

But tonight, it was time to make merry. Time to celebrate the friendships developed, and the wonderful memories of the past few days. I saw Team Lake Buhi and Team Dauis Bellevue bonding. I saw the Army, Navy and Coast Guard trading glasses. I saw different teams mingling around; exchanging shirts, exchanging numbers. We all danced the night away, with foreign guests and fans and friends. Tonight we glorify the victors. Even as we console those who did not. Drink and be merry, gladiators. For tomorrow, you shall fight again!!!

The 2nd Cobra – PDBF International Club Crew Challenge was produced by the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, and Tapok Tapok Bol-anon, together with Cobra, Philex, Smart Communications and Cetaphil. Co-producing the event were LJ Lumayag of K & N Productions, Bohol Paddlers Association, and the municipalities of Dauis and Maribojoc, Rotary Tagbilaran, JCI Bohol Kisses and JCI Chocolate Hills.

The major sponsors were: Bluewater Panglao, Bellevue Hotel, First Consolidated Bank, TIEZA, Zoocolate Thrills, and the Department of Tourism (DOT). Other sponsors include: Dep Customs Comm Danny Lim, Oishi, 2Go, Adnama Mining, Hyundai, Danao Adventure Park, Starlite, Eskaya, Ramasola Studios, Truckworld, Lite Shipping, Island Prints and Cong Rene Relampagos.

The media partners include: the Manila Bulletin, Sports Digest, Philippine Star, Business Mirror, TV5, Solar Sports, Sports Unlimited, BCCTV, Bohol Chronicle, DYRD, and Xync Magazine.

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