Basking in the Waters of Bluewater Panglao

I should be ashamed of myself!!! I just realized that I have been totally remiss in not talking about my very own province, Bohol, in my Travel Blogs.  Pray tell, what should the penalty be for such treasonous travesty? The denial of a year’s supply of kalamay? Or worse, banishment from the pristine waters of Panglao!?!? A fate far worse than death, if you ask me!

Today, therefore, I have resolved to start providing you tidbits on my home province. So much has been said about Bohol, I know. But perhaps you guys can pick up a thing or two from these notes.  From a blatantly biased Boholano blogger!?

My wife, Wit, had to attend a conference in Bohol last week. So I dutifully packed up my bag for a short trip to my beautiful island of Bohol. For I am, after all, the slave-driver in the house. Which really means: I am the slave, and I am the driver as well!?!

If you want to enjoy the cool, calm waters of Panglao, and not be bothered by the noisy crowd, come to Bluewater Panglao. You’re just a short ride away from busy, helter-skelter Alona Beach, yet light years away if you treasure your privacy.

The ladies at the front desk were very cheerful and helpful, which made it easier for us, as we arrived in the midst of a strong rain. I loved the rooms, which were classy and clean. Quite spacious too, especially the bathroom. And with a fantastic skylight to boot!! And the ‘hanging’ bed was a unique conversation piece right there.

Food was great, and I had to resist the urge to get more of the breakfast buffet because of my diet. Strictly enforced by the wife. Aside from the food, the ambience itself was exquisite. The resto ceiling is a great piece of Filipino artwork. There’s a pool right beside it, and a good view of the sea.

In the evening, my wife enjoyed jamming with the band there. The band was kind enough to accommodate her song-requests. Which bordered on the difficult and weird actually. We also had a short chat with Adi Gallares, the Resident Manager. All in all, I’d say Bluewater Panglao is a good place to stay if you want to have a quiet, private atmosphere for your vacation.

My compliments also to Ms Margie Munsayac, who was quite instrumental in making this trip possible.


  1. Oh man, this looks so fantastic!
    A hanging bed, a beautiful bathroom, a pool and delicious food…oh, it’s making me desperate for vacation!!:)
    We can’t wait to visit the Philippines ~ what a beautiful country it is!!


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