Fostering Muslim-Christian Relations in the Philippines, A Step At A Time

The Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School in Zamboanga was fortunately saved from the holocaust of last week. In the interest of providing lessons of hope and love and forgiveness, I am re-blogging an article last year about a poignant effort to promote peace and brotherhood in Mindanao.

Color My World

Over ten years ago, a Muslim teacher in the Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School in Zamboanga City slaughtered a cow and began distributing beef among his neighbors. This beef-sharing practice is a Muslim and Turkish tradition celebrated on the feast of Eidl Adha, in commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, as proof of his faith in God. Seeing Abraham’s obedience, God intervened and provided a lamb for Abraham to sacrifice instead.

The Muslim teacher distributed the beef not just among his fellow Muslims, but to others as well, as the practice involves dividing the meat into three parts: one for the family, another for the neighbors, and the third part for the needy people. He found the practice of sharing his blessings a wonderful experience, and he realized that he could do more. So he started calling his friends and relatives in Turkey, and later, from all over the…

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