Loboc Needs Our Help

Last December 30, Typhoon Seniang crashed the Christmas celebrations in Bohol by unloading heavy rains that caused the Loboc River to flood the town.

The town plaza is submerged. (Raul Philip Gatal)
The town plaza is submerged. (Raul Philip Gatal)

Flood waters reached unprecedented heights, damaging properties and agricultural farms, and causing serious food and health issues. A week after the storm, flood waters in some areas still remain. The stench is now terrible.

In some areas, the flood waters reached the 2nd and 3rd floors, never before experienced in the town. (Leo Udtohan.)

Governor Edgar Chatto immediately declared the area a state of calamity. Mayor Helen Alaba is reaching out to all noble-intentioned organizations and individuals out there.

(Courtesy of anc.yahoo.com)

In her appeal, she asked help for her 1,240 households most affected by the storm, with an average size of six per household, coming from the 13 barangays along and adjacent to the central line of the Loboc River. Sadly, a big number of her constituents have lost basic and vital material belongings and have sustained damages in properties because of the big flood.

The Loboc flood victims are in dire need of the following basic resources to survive:

1. Food: rice, canned goods, processed food (there is yet no electricity), dry goods
2. Drinking water
3. Clothing: dresses, jackets, pants, etc.
4. Rubber slippers
5. Rubber boots
6. Rubber shoes
7. Blankets
8. Towels
9. Cooking utensils
10. Cooking fuel
11. Oil Lamps and Matches
12. Washing detergents: for dishes and eating utensils, clothes, for floors, bathrooms
13. Bar soaps: for bathing
14. Sleeping Mats and Mattresses
15. Medicines for cough, fever, flu , cuts and wounds, etc.

For those who may have items to donate, she may be contacted directly through her mobile phone: +639175234420 .

The people of Loboc are still recovering from the effects of the killer quake that hit Bohol last November 2013. They are certainly a resilient lot. But surely, a little help will be greatly appreciated. Let’s help LOBOC. Let’s help REBUILD BOHOL.







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