Manny Pacquiao: A Changed Man

A pleasant surprise indeed!!! Last Monday, the first Monday of the year, the country ‘s premiere boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, joined us at the Head Office of the Habitat for Humanity Philippines in Makati.

(Courtesy of Francis Macatulad)

He was there for a number of reasons. First,  he turned over a check worth P5M as a donation to jumpstart support for another 105 houses to be built in his home province in Saranggani. During his 36th birthday last December 20, he turned over the first 100 houses and begun working on a Multi-Purpose Center for his grateful constituents.

(Courtesy of Dolly Rain Santos)

Second, he renewed his commitment as a Habitat Ambassador of Goodwill, supporting the numerous Habitat programs nationwide. Manny has been helping Habitat raise awareness for the plight of thousands of homeless families, especially those victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda last November 2013.

(Courtesy of Stephanie Manalastas-Arellano)

Third, he became our guest speaker for our regular Monday morning Devotions. For someone who was not fortunate enough to have been gifted with a formal education, he gave us a very interesting and sincere talk. sweeping us all off our feet.

Manny, the Preacher

And last but not least, he came to finally announce his impending fight with Floyd Mayweather!!! Nahh, this last one remains a dream. Simply wishful thinking right there. Just kidding, folks. Just wanted to see if you’re all comprehending this now.

(Courtesy of

But the first three were legit. Our ever-charming, ever-friendly, ever-active People’s Champ was there, in the flesh, to inspire us all as we started the new year. Also present to grace the activity were the Habitat CEO Charlie Ayco, HFHP  Capital Campaign Cabinet Chairman Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of the National Board of Trustees Arch. Bong Recio, Board Member Ino Reyes, the Management Committee, and the leaders and staffs of HFHP.

What was really a pleasant shock to me was that the man has truly transformed himself. From the fun-loving, devil-may-care, name-that-vice-and-I-have-it character that he was notoriously known for before, Manny was now a compelling preacher against all things evil. In his talk, he proudly announced his undying faith and love for God and related to us how he was transformed in a spiritual journey- that brought him closer to his faith and God.


Thus, when Floyd Mayweather flaunted his riches in a tweet last week, he utterly failed to affect our champion. Clearly, Manny has elevated himself from all that. His focus now is beyond the dollar sign and the material world. He is now more concerned about his legacy; and not just in the boxing ring, but beyond. In this higher essence of life, clearly Manny is way ahead of his more worldly rival. In fact, Floyd simply managed to demean himself, making himself look lame, sick and unabashedly immature.

(Courtesy of

Floyd has fired the opening salvo of his psy-war campaign for his impending bout with Manny this year. Unfortunately for him, Manny wasn’t fazed a wee bit. Bring it on, Floyd!!! Manny’s going to give you a real run for all your money now.



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