Pamilacan on My Mind

For this summer 2015, let me dish out some local summer treats for you to consider. Earlier, we talked about Malapascua in Cebu. This time, let me take you to another small island so obscure you won’t find it in most big maps in the bookstore.

Pamilacan: pure, pristine, private… perfect! (courtesy of asiatravels)

Pamilacan is a small islet off the main island of Bohol. It is noted for dolphin-watching, and occasionally you’ll find whales as well. Explore Pamilacan now, before it gets too commercialized.

Color My World

(Second of a series: Suggestions for Summer)

During one of those occasions when I had some time off, my wife and I travelled to the Pamilacan Island in Bohol for some precious private time. Pamilacan Island is a small island off the southern coast of the town of Baclayon. It was made famous very recently by the dolphin and whale-watching tours, and the well-preserved marine reservation they have there.

pam9 Pamilacan is famous for dolphin and whale watching tours. Its marine sanctuary boasts of a variety of sea creatures for the viewing pleasure of serious divers. (Courtesy of

The island’s name came from the word ‘pilak’, which is a large fishing hook previously used by the islanders to catch whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays. For some reason, these sea treasures loved to converge near the island. Today, the ‘pilak’ is no longer used, as the island’s inhabitants have learned to value the…

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