Tribal Madness to Hit Baguio This Saturday

Let the Tribal Wars begin!!!

This Saturday, April 11, expect the Baguio Convention Center to go rockin’ and rollin’, and heating and sweating, as exciting mixed martial arts action beckons the warrior spirit from the mountain tribes of the north. Pitted against equally talented ring gladiators from as far south as Mindanao and the Visayas, northern pride – along with their type of training and discipline – will be highlighted in “Tribal Madness”, a joint presentation by Tribal Submission Philippines, and the newly-formed i Fighting Championships, with the Underground Battle Philippines.

Baguio beckons. For the budding MMA practitioners, Baguio is where to get your ‘baptism of bash and brawl’.

Tribal Submission Philippines (TSP) is a MMA Fitness Club based in Baguio City. It takes pride in the fact that it has produced many pioneering Pinoy MMA fighters, some of whom have reached the professional circuits here and abroad. TSP is at the forefront of the MMA grassroots development in the northern highland regions of the Philippines. TSP is proud to showcase their new talents, as well as their training system, their martial tradition and culture, and hopes that – with a strong showing this coming Saturday – more fight enthusiasts will flock to Baguio as the Mecca of MMA development in the country. TSP’s main man is the dynamic Christian Villareal.

The i Fighting Championships (iFC), on the other hand, is a newly-formed promotions team for MMA events. Through its subsidiary, Underground Battle Philippines (UGB-P), it has developed an aggressive track record of having promoted numerous local MMA events featuring professional and amateur combatants in many cities and regions of the country. iFC was born with a strong advocacy of spreading the gospel of MMA in the country. With the growing popularity of MMA as a combat sport, particularly among the youth, iFC is focusing where other MMA events teams do not thread; that is, to create a grassroots appeal by taking the sport to the provinces, and finding the diamonds-in-the-rough.


UGB-P, through its founder Ferdie Munsayac, strongly believes in fighter welfare; hence its programs include player training and management, player discipline and development, to include player quarters and scholarships for those who have no means to advance their formal education. Aside from player welfare, to further whet fan appetite for the games, UGB also introduced more excitement with the Round Girls Search, through veteran US bikini contest promoter, Fernando Laguda. (video courtesy of iFC and UGB)

This Saturday, at the Baguio Convention Center, be there!!!

(Pictures courtesy of,,,,, UGB-Philippines, Tribal Submission Philippines)

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