The Empires Strike Back!!!

For a while, it had seemed that the end was near for the annual ritual pitting the Kings of the East against the Lords of the West.

At the end of last year’s Finals. (CBS)

The mighty Cavaliers of Cleveland, proud monarchs of the Kingdom of the East, had appeared beleaguered by a group of brash, young Celtics from that yonder town called Boston.

And over in the frontierlands of the west, those bold, bodacious Warriors of Golden State, supreme demigods of the Kingdom of the West, were reeling in mortal combat against a worthy challenger in the Rockets of House Houston.

King Lebron of James and the knights of House Cleveland were being bashed by that bunch of boisterous belligerents from Boston. With their forces in disarray after 5 epic clashes, and with Sir Kevin of Love struck down on the crucial sixth skirmish, it looked like the east would soon be paying homage to a new ruler.

Adding to Cleveland’s woes, Kevin is struck down. (

But the noble King Lebron hath decreed they would do “Whatever It Takes” to “Defend the Land”. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, the King and his motley band of brothers had to ride off to do final battle in unfamiliar hostile territory, the infamous Garden of TD, where thrice they had licked their wounds in defeat, where countless other invaders had been felled in ambush by the swarm of Celtic insurgents.

For six times they had unsheathed their swords. For six times too, the encroaching forces had retreated in utter humiliation. Knowing full well the dire consequence awaiting them, King James and his valiant knights rode full swing still, onwards unto the valley of death.

Containing the King. (Lakers Nation)

Deadly arrows welcomed them. Angry swords struck them. But after the brutal babel of fierce fighting cleared, there still stood the proud King James; battered, bloodied, but unbowed. The Cavaliers of House Cleveland are Kings of the East once again!! Long live the King!!!

NBA Eastern Conference Champs for the 4th consecutive time. (Cleveland Nation)

But their biggest battle is yet to come.

Long live the King of the East!!! (Pinterest)

The Warriors themselves were in danger of being disgraced in the west. With the emergence of a Most Valuable gladiator named James the Hardened, the Rockets of House Houston wreaked havoc over the frontiers; pillaging and plundering every small town army that dared to cross its path. Until only the Warriors were left to protect the coveted crown. Clearly, the Rockets were on a divine mission: to capture, not just the west, but the entire Kingdom of Hoopaloosa.

The magnificent gladiator, James; a more-than-worthy challenger to the throne. (Forbes)

But with the straight arrows of the eagle-eyed Prince Stephen the Curry, Lord Kevin of Durant and Sir Klay, Son of Thomp; and the heavy swords of Draymond the Green and Andre of Igoudala, the Warriors still had a solid Hampton crew hamming and hemming for crown and glory.

Alas, the sword of Andre would be silenced, as he fell wounded in the third clash of the mighty armies.

And the Rockets of House Houston would take full advantage. With a missing member of the once-irrepressible Hampton horde, James the Hardened would lead a strong charge with that wily commander, Chris of Paul, orchestrating the attack.

But woe of woes, just as the last arrow was launched in that fateful 5th battle for the west, with the Rockets’ red glare already signalling sweet victory, the heroic Commander Chris would fall, a martyr to the Rocket cause.

A wily commander, Chris Paul’s leadership would be missed in the crucial last 2 games. (Youtube)

The crown was just a mile away, just one more victorious flag away, but nay, the gods of hoop heaven would remain unconvinced still.

The Warriors would gain confidence with the absence of their intuitive adversary, Commander Chris. Pushed to the very brink, the three archers of House Hampton would scatter deadly hits from everywhere and anywhere. Indeed, with their very survival on the line, the Warriors would transform into mystic beings and do no wrong. As for House Houston, without the brainy one, they would just crumble and fall.

Western Conference Champs for the 4th consecutive season. (

Two magnificent empires. Two dynasties. Ruling the eastern and western hemispheres for 4 majestic, magical seasons. Both threatened for the first time, both bludgeoned and almost left for dead. Both surviving their injuries, dragging their wounded; to fight heroically beyond enemy lines, where their chances of survival were almost close to none. And yes, both miraculously resurrected. The Cavaliers and the Warriors. Both weary from the sustained wars of attrition. But both worthy nonetheless, and ready for the final clash at the grand arena.

Once again, it is the Warriors who will do battle with the Cavaliers in the fight of all fights, the battle for the hemispheres. It is an unprecedented 4th consecutive run at the NBA’s Holy Grail; where the Beast of the East meets the Best of the West.

Can a Superman beat a Super Team? (KTLT)

It is now time for one final epic battle. The adventure continues…


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