My Papa and The Original ‘Athlete’s Foot’

On the occasion of Father’s Day, I am reblogging this post to honor my late father who was the driving force that shaped me into what I am today. Without his determination to develop my interest in sports, without his strong desire that led me to take the PMA exams and eventually pursue a career as a military officer, I would not be what I am today. To Papa, thank you for this life I live.

Color My World

(I wrote this piece in Nov of 1999 for my column ‘The Athlete’s Foot’. I was writing for that popular national sports weekly then: ‘Scoreboard Sports Magazine’. This piece is in honor of my Papa, who died 14 years ago today.)

I GOT MY by-line, The Athlete’s Foot, from my Papa. He used to say: “I used to be an all-around athlete. Now the only athlete left in me is my athlete’s foot.” Which fit me to a T. So I decided to borrow it from Papa when bossman Ricky Gargantiel offered me the privilege to write for SCOREBOARD.

When I was about 7, I got diagnosed for having weak lungs. My Papa encouraged me to join the neighborhood sports activities just so I could strengthen my lungs. I was a skinny little inconsequential pest then, and that’s probably the reason why I always tried to make my presence felt.

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