Creation Of National Sports Academy (2020)

by: MGen (ret) Jovie Narcise, 15 Jun 2020

The author is a retired Army general, a distinguished senior and running idol to me. After retiring from the service, he made a name for himself organizing, teaching and himself running long distance events. His dream of creating a National Sports Academy has finally come to fruition. To many of us, it comes as the first of many needed reforms to improve the professionalism among our athletes and coaches, attain sports excellence and develop a disciplined and progressive society. To the President, to Senator Bong Go, and to Chairman Butch Ramirez of the Philippine Sports Commission, thank you so much!

Bald Runner

Since the time that I have been blogging about Running and other related topics and subjects on the development of local athletes in the National Sports Excellence Program for the Elite Runners and local talents with potentials to become included in the National Pool ofElite Athletes, I have always thought and wrote about the creation of a National Sports Academy to address this matter. Every time that this “idea” would come into discussion and part of recommendation for our better ranking in the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, and the Summer Olympic Games is when our political leaders and sports analysts try to find out what is the problem in our Elite Sports Program and why we are always at the bottom rank among our Southeast Asian and Asian countries. And up to this time in the history of the Summer Olympic Games, the Philippines has never attained its FIRST…

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    1. Let’s support the movement to reform Philippine Sports. The country is only now recovering from the excesses of its past sports leaders, and is now slowly moving in the right direction. Hopefully, more reforms will come to make the country proud of its athletes – and its people – once again.

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