How My Military Training Helped Me with The Dreaded Quarantine

In March 15, 2020, the government ordered a lockdown in Manila in an attempt to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Philippines. It has been more than 15 months since we started this war against an unseen enemy. So much has happened since that fateful day. And the fight is getting closer to home. From mere numbers, the casualties in this war have acquired vivid faces – of family members, of loved ones and friends, of known personalities and leaders – even as the struggle continues. I am reblogging this post in the hope that we may be reminded of our roles. What is important now is that we all band together and work as one in order for humanity to survive. Let’s do our share.

Color My World

The President just extended the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) for Metro Manila, the country’s seat of power, as well as other parts of the country where the pandemic has remained aggressive. There is much anxiety and fear over this God-awful forced isolation dealt on us. And as expected, you hear a lot of complaints, a lot of anguished cries over the curtailment of certain liberties, etc.

Lucky for me, the extensive training I got from my previous life in the military service has helped me adjust to the restrictions and rules imposed without so much of a hoot. All I have to do is think of the 1-year of plebe training in the Academy; and the month-long ‘confinement-to-quarters’ suddenly looks bite-size. I think of the Scout Ranger training in Tanay, the Escape and Evasion Drill in the Special Forces; and the sparse rations and supplies look puny. I remember the…

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