Quo Vadis, PBA?

With the economy challenged, plus the tempting alternative offered by the Japanese league, the PBA could end up losing its top players. It needs to be aggressive and dynamic, so that it becomes a popular draw once again.

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The NBA Restarts With A Bang!!!

The greatest take-away from the resumption of the games is no longer about basketball. Its meaning, its very significance has transcended the game itself. The NBA has demonstrated it is capable of becoming bigger than basketball. More than the entertainment value it provides, the Restart offers a venue to promote safety protocols amid this pandemic. It provides a vehicle to promote social reforms. It provides an inspiration to the world, that by standing together, we can overcome all adversities.

What To Expect as The NBA Returns to Centerstage

The NBA’s bold decision to finish the season – amid the risks and uncertainties – is indeed refreshing. It is an act signifying a dogged determination – a defiance, if you will – to survive. Against an uncommon, invisible enemy, it is a statement of support for all of humanity. Despite the problems besetting us today, despite the deadly contagion and the social inequities and all, there will always be a new day ahead.

NBA 2019-20 Season Finally Set to Resume

Under the backdrop of the COVID 19 health catastrophe, and the spate of racial violence that has hounded the United States recently, the NBA hopes to be able to help provide society with ways to diminish the impact of these issues. The games may not directly address the problems at hand, but suffice it to say that the return of the NBA is a calculated, yet timely approach that will help soothe the aches and pains caused by these difficult times.

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