Miracle Makeshifts: Structures Transform in a Matter of Days to Help in the Fight against COVID-19

The government is getting its act together. Admittedly, no country was prepared for this kind of attack. Each country tried to deal with it their own way. The Philippines, despite its constraints, was able to react relatively better.Let’s continue to help our government as it tackles this deadly pandemic.

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How My Military Training Helped Me with The Dreaded Quarantine

The extensive military training I got from my previous life has helped me adjust to the restrictions and rules imposed without so much of a hoot. All I have to do is think of the 1-year of plebe training in the Academy and the month-long ‘confinement-to-quarters’ suddenly looks bite-size. I think of the Ranger training in Tanay, and the sparse rations and supplies look puny. I remember the taps and reveille bugle calls, and the curfew restrictions seem right out of the ordinary.

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