iWatch to iSupport Frontliners

Dabs Liban is a good friend who I had the honor of working with in my previous job with Habitat for Humanity. He was supposed to have retired, but – much like after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda – he saw the need to help out. He is back in the fray. Doing what he loves best. Which is to serve God by doing good work for our people.


“I am running out of NETFLIX movies to watch after being under home quarantine for more than two weeks now. I refuse to be a passive bystander while our “frontline heroes” literally put their lives at risk while keeping us all safe.”

Dabs Liban, Social Development Professional and Consultant

It is simply in Dabs Liban’s DNA to respond to social crisis. Supposedly enjoing his semi-retirement after a long career of service in sustainable development, the Covid19 health crisis lit a spark inside him. And that spark spread like fire in just one week – and Tulong Tulog was born!


His wife had a friend who owned 3 4-storey buildings in muntinlupa which can accommodate a total of 50 frontliner heroes. They needed single-size mattresses, bed covers and pillows.

“Have I not commanded you – be strong…

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