I’m Back!!!

After a few weeks of rest, I’m back. Yes, it’s been a while since I allowed myself full access to my computer. Had been pushing myself too hard, in too many directions, in far too many causes, noble or otherwise. Two weeks ago, I finally decided enough was enough. I will not allow myself to lose too much sleep over others’ travails. I will remember to pace myself in my quixotic journeys, and not forget to take care of myself and my family first. Hello, world! Hello, sunshine! Enough of the storms and the bleak weather forecasts. Life is good! As that award-winning song from the movie “Frozen” goes, you just have to “Let It Go”.

Hello, world! Welcome, sunshine! (Photo courtesy of http://www.quick-good-fortune.com)

Last year, we hit the jackpot with  2,159,444 views. It was a pleasant surprise for me that Charly’s Blog had reached far more countries than I had travelled around the world. While I had a million-plus views from the Philippines, our blogsite had visitors from a total of 204 registered countries, dependencies and territories across the globe! Some of these estates, I had never known existed before. And so I have had to look up these places thru Google to know more about our present world geography. I learned that there were such wonderful places as the Isle of Man (right between the UK and Ireland), Saint Lucia and the Turks and Caicos Islands (both in the Caribbean); and that the internet was robust in such island-dominions as the Northern Mariana Islands,  and the Barbados. And I tried to learn about these strange frontiers as well. The hits I got actually inspired me to go back to learning more about that great big world out there.

Reaching 2 million plus viewers, touching hearts, changing lives.

But if there was something I learned from the experience of last year, it is that while I had delved more intensively on sports adventures, it was the posts on the Typhoon Yolanda and the Bohol earthquake disasters that were making the rounds more extensively. Clearly, this demonstrates that there is no shortage of people who are concerned and are willing to step forward to help in a brother’s time of need.

The twin disasters that hit the Philippines’ central region during the latter part of 2013 drew support from across the earth; from traditional friends led by the United States and our ASEAN neighbors, to countries we have had conflicts with such as China. It is heartwarming to see that national differences can be set aside, and that the peoples of the world can band together to work as one, when bigger issues arise to threaten humanity.  I am humbled, and rejoice in the fact that people all over the world have joined hands in this noble endeavor.

A grateful Philippines thanks the world for all the help and the prayers during our times of need. ((Photo courtesy of www.en.rocketnews24.com)
A grateful Philippines thanks the world for all the help and the prayers during our time of need. ((Photo courtesy of http://www.en.rocketnews24.com)

I realize now that we can indeed help, in our own small way. I know now that the seemingly small acts of kindness ordinary people like us can give can go a long way in the lives of those who have lost practically everything and more. People have read – and they continue to read – about the great devastation these twin disasters have brought our countrymen. And our brothers from across the globe have reacted in unity to provide the poignant stories of humanity, of recovery, and of hope.

(Photo courtesy of www.rappler.com)
(Photo courtesy of http://www.rappler.com)

And I know that somehow, our stories have helped to assuage the tears and the fears. We will continue to deliver our messages. And we will continue to help. In our own small way.


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