Philippines Suffers Worst-Ever Finish in South East Asian Games

With the 28th South East Asian Games in Singapore opening this June, it is important that we take stock of the results of the previous Games, so that we can track improvements or decline. Hopefully, we can take positive action collectively; for the good of our athletes, our sporting community and the country in general.

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With a haul of only 29 gold, 34 silver, and 37 bronze medals, the Philippine contingent to the 27th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) comes home with the dubious distinction of having garnered the worst finish ever for the country since the SEA Games competition started in 1977. The medal harvest relegated the Philippines to 7th place behind regional champion Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, tiny Singapore, and host Myanmar!


Before this, the Philippines’ worst-ever finish was in the 26th edition of the SEA Games in Indonesia last 2011. Yeah, man, that was a mere two f!#?&$# years ago! Instead of gaining ground from the lessons learned in Indonesia, we sink further in the quicksand of sports mediocrity. Here is how the Philippines has fared during the last 4 SEA Games:

2007 (6th place) – 41 G, 91 S, 96 B
2009 (5th place) – 38 G, 35 S, 51 B

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