Unmasking the Philippine Sports Mafia



  1. This is bulls***. I remember when peping told a reporter, “buti nga may medal pa tayo eh. Partida wala pang pahinga yan.” Sports in this country has been plagued by corruption ever since.


  2. It is true that sports in the Philippines has been highly politicized. This is so sad to hear. My husband, who is good athletic trainer, has seen the change through the years. His passion is to condition and strengthen professional athletes as well as non-pros. Teach them the discipline the right way. Now, his talent is going to waste because of a highly politicized environment. Athletes have lost the passion, it’s more about showing the money nowadays.


    1. Do not lose faith, dear friend. We can make things happen. We can do that by ensuring that the leadership of the POC is rescued from the clutches of Peping and his gang. It is time we take a new direction. Spread the news. Let people know what the real score is in Philippine Sports. Collectively, we can make a difference.


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