Exposing the Lies Peddled By the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragonboat Federation

In light of our revitalized effort to bring reforms into Philippine sports, we are reprinting some articles starting today. This first is an article on Philippine Dragon Boating and why the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) needs to reinstated. The movement to bring good governance and reforms in Philippine Sports moves on. Let us all help bring back the glory of past Filipino sports achievers. Let us bring back the pride and dignity of our people.

Color My World

Before the Asian Games, the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragonboat Federation (PCKDF) – which used to be simply the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation before it usurped dragon boating in the Philippines – came out with a series of press releases on the supposed accomplishments of their dragonboat team in the Asian Dragonboat Championship. They trumpeted their winning results to fool the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) into believing they would win 5 to 6 medals in the Asian Games. (Read: Philippine Dragon Boat Team Eye 5-6 Medals in Asian Games) Sadly, these ‘praise’ releases were nothing but half-truths and lies. These need to be exposed so that people may know the real score. There is a need to unmask the true motives of their propagandists. For their evil agenda is simply to perpetuate an unjust and selfish act. That hidden agenda is to stamp a veil of legitimacy over the PCKDF…

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