The Fight to Liberate Philippine Sports Continues

The in-fighting within the POC is a sure recipe for disaster, with the SEA Games fast approaching. Something needs to be done before the coup-pals in the POC Board led by Joey Romasanta make more damage. Here is a reblogged post on sports politics at its worst.

Color My World

Despite having won a court-imposed and International Olympic Committee (IOC) supported special election, newly-minted Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Ricky Vargas cannot rest easy. Peping Cojuangco may have been dislodged as the titular head of the POC, but his sports mafia – developed through the years – continues to cast a sinister shadow in Philippine Sports.

Peping holds a slot in the all-important executive board, being the immediate past president of the POC. Worse, he also has a stranglehold on the executive board, with most of the current members still beholden to him. His influence among the many key personalities within the POC still remains. Collectively, they can still wreak havoc by skewing certain decisions in their favor. Thus, the campaign to wrest control over the national sports agenda must continue without let-up.

For his first priority, Ricky has vowed to unify the different sports bodies that were divided and…

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