Position Paper for the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF)

by:  Dr Aparicio Mequi

To follow up our drive to bring back the legitimate National Sports Association (NSA) for volleyball, Dr Mequi came up with a short brief. He articulates why the Peping-installed Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas (LVPI) cannot lay claim to the title.

This campaign is not against our players. It is about how Peping Cojuangco divided the volleyball community, creating a fractious leadership that has led to the big distraction in the development of Philippine Volleyball. The POC must decide on this issue with finality. Its inaction will only show it is condoning the injustice perpetrated by its predecessor. This forms part of the Reform Philippine Sports agenda. 

At the 36th FIVB Congress in Cancun, Mexico last November 2018, the expulsion of Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) was put to a vote before the General Assembly (GA). A total of 118 votes, or 53.2% of the total GA votes, went for the non-expulsion of the PVF, which had religiously served the local and international volleyball community since 1961. Thus, PVF officially remains as the one and only true full member of FIVB from the Philippines. LVPI became disaffiliated with FIVB by virtue of the votes by the GA as well.

But despite the FIVB GA vote of confidence on PVF, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) refuses to honor and uphold the PVF’s legitimacy as the country’s national federation for volleyball. To add insult to injury, POC continues to uphold Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc (LVPI), which should not be affiliated to FIVB in any manner after the GA vote in Mexico. On the other hand, FIVB has not sanctioned the POC for failure to assert the GA decision to recognize the PVF.  

The problem in Philippine volleyball is really about grave abuse of power and authority of the POC, and its shameless attempt to control a particular sport. It was proven in the last two FIVB Congresses how POC lied to the FIVB GA to create LVPI at the expense of PVF. And in a shameless display of conflict of interest, four POC officials were tapped to lead LVPI as officers.

It is imperative now for the new POC to act immediately and accordingly. POC must respect the decision of the FIVB GA to put a stop to the injustice that it continues to serve PVF and the volleyball community. POC owes it to the volleyball players, coaches, fans and Filipino people to dispense justice and set an example of good governance in sports.
POC must do the right thing and reinstate PVF now. Thank you.

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