A Statement From Reform Philippine Sports (RP Sports)

We, the advocates of Reform Philippine Sports (RP Sports), strongly condemn this brazen attempt of former Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Jose Cojuangco Jr. and his pals to stage a coup and gain control of POC once again. We firmly believe that the return of these coup pals to prominence in POC will only drive Philippine Sports back to its darkest days.

We support President Ricky Vargas and his team in their noble effort to rectify the mistakes, eliminate the decadence and extravagance of the past POC. We look forward to the time justice is finally served on the long-suffering disenfranchised National Sports Associations (NSAs). RP Sports also awaits swift action against the coup pals whose continuous abuse of authority in the POC have led to many debacles of the past.

At this most crucial time in our country’s sporting history, Reform Philippine Sports reiterates its commitment to justice, unity and peace in Philippine Sports.

The Coup Pals want to stage a comeback. Shall we allow them to bring back the country to the dark ages once again? (PhilStar)

For more on Reform Philippine Sports and the coup pals, please read:

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