The Birth of a Movement to Reform Philippine Sports

It is important to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. 
Recently, a group of like-minded sports junkies came together to discuss the problems that hound Philippine Sports. They vented their frustration over the prevailing lack of unity, the divided camps, the unjust disenfranchisement of certain sports associations. They talked about the corruption, the ‘bata-bata’ system, the intrigues, and the old boys’ club that continues to protect their own selfish interests. They talked about how many athletes – in their frustration – have decided to leave for abroad, instead of staying to give glory to the country. They talked about the growing cynicism, the in-fighting, the backstabbing, and the lack of pride. These talks would eventually lead to talks of their dreams for a better sporting environment for the country. Thus was born a movement to push reforms in Philippine Sports.

Sports for a fit society, a better community, a great country. (Whalley Range, Manchester)
Reform Philippine Sports (RPSports) is a movement of sports enthusiasts and fans who have a growing concern over the way our leaders are handling Philippine Sports. RPSports recognizes that Philippine sports is in a rut, and that it has the potential to be a national disgrace, a national emergency. RPSports wants to surface the dirty politics, the disunity, the lack of positive action that will only bring our country down the drain. It wants to articulate a growing concern over the SEA Games preparations.
Sports is supposed to be a tool to develop our children. It provides the basics to teach children about discipline, professionalism, teamwork, fair play, nationalism and more. No less than Pope Francis – in his latest Encyclical Christus Vivit – has emphasized the importance of sports in the education and formation of our youth. Sports is not about perpetuating one’s interests, abrogating funds, going on lavish trips abroad, promoting relatives and friends, discriminating those who are not in the in-group.
Therefore, RPSports dreams of an environment where there is justice, unity and peace in sports. We are for good governance in sports. We want to bring unity and a stop to the in-fighting in the POC and beyond. We want more focus on the athletes; for better training and better facilities. We want to give them a fair chance to achieve their dreams, not just for themselves, but for our beloved country.
We want to institute reforms in Philippine Sports. We want an end to the corruption, and the ‘bata-bata system’. Let us remove the old mafia, the old boys’ club that has done nothing but protect themselves and their non-performing assets (NPAs) in Philippine Sports.

We need better facilities, better training for our youth. (YouTube)
Philippine sports has suffered enough. It is time to erase the years of misery and humiliation. It is time to stop the excuses, the lies. It is time for a new society with new heroes, new inspiration and new ways of doing things.
We hope that we can count on your support in our advocacy for justice, peace and unity in Philippine sports. We hope together we can make sports better for the next generation of athletes, coaches, officials and sports fans.
May the force be with us!!!

This is for our children. Help us… help you. (Delamano)
If you believe in our advocacy, please spread the word around. Visit and ‘Like’ our FB page (Reform Philippine Sports), read our articles, and bring 5 of your friends to join us. If your 5 friends will in turn convince another 5 friends of the need for reforms – for our children – and do the same, then we will create a strong bandwagon that will force the positive change.


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