No to POC Coup Pals

by: Eric Dimzon

Eric is a sportswriter, activist and avid sportsfan. He is a great sleuth responsible for providing the FIVB with facts that helped the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) gain the upperhand in the FIVB General Assembly vote to expel the PVF. His knowledge of the present day issues in Philippine Sports is invaluable.   

POC President Ricky Vargas called for an extraordinary General Assembly meeting on May 27, 2019 that will ultimately test his power and authority over the national federations. The coup pals, or the national federation presidents who are aligned with Peping and are planning to stage a coup, will surely boycott the special GA meeting to show that they are still the powers-that-be in Philippine sports. The possibility of a revolt against Vargas by the coup pals will increase a thousand fold should Vargas fail to attract the majority of the national federations to attend the GA meeting.

While the present POC president is lacking in so many ways, Vargas remains the better alternative to Peping and his minions. Philippine sports was at its lowest during the days Peping and his pals ruled over just about every sport in the country. To go back to the Dark Ages of Philippine sports by installing Peping and his pals at the top of the heap once again will only mean that the Filipino sports community never learned the bitter lessons of the past. To give Peping and his pals great power once again will mean that Filipinos are truly a hopeless case.

Vargas will do well not to surrender the POC presidency and authority to the POC coup pals at this crucial stage of the game. The coup pals had their chances to leave a great legacy to Philippine sports. Unfortunately, they chose and continue to choose to serve their own interests rather than those of the athletes.

A comeback by the POC coup pals is simply unacceptable.

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