A Message of Support for the New POC

On behalf of a grateful Filipino sporting community, the Reform Philippine Sports movement would like to convey our thanks and our wholehearted support for the bold and decisive actions taken by POC President Ricky Vargas in the recently-concluded POC General Assembly meeting.

The country has long been hostaged by a small group of individuals whose best efforts in promoting Philippine Sports have been a couple of 6th and 7th place finishes in the SEA Games, complemented with excuses and half-truths. Their era has been a sorry period where the sports communities were divided instead of unified, and where bogus associations were created to replace original National Sports Associations.

Today, you cracked the whip to finally send the message that these old malpractices of the old boys’ club will no longer be tolerated. It is a welcome gesture that has invoked a glimmer of hope in the eyes of many well-meaning Filipinos. Not a few sports lovers and athletes shed tears of joy when the announcement was made. Perhaps now, we can regain our pride and dignity as a sporting nation.

But while this initial battle may have been won, the war is not over yet. The POC coup pals continue to crawl their way around, hoping to agitate, hoping to tempt other NSAs like the proverbial snake in the garden of Eden. We must remain vigilant. Our athletes and officials must remain strong amidst the tempting offers the coup pals will push forward.

This is just Step 1 in the country’s quest for redemption in the field of sports. Now the real work begins. We wish you well, even as we offer ourselves to work with you to make this dream a reality. Reform Philippine Sports will be with you in this noble journey.


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For a clearer view, just click on the pics.




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