Time to Remove the “Majority of the Board” in POC

by: Eric Dimzon (thefirstplacefinish.blogspot.com)

Eric is a sportswriter and sports activist who has been very instrumental in ensuring that the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) is not forgotten in the international volleyball community. Here, he talks about the POC Coup Pals and their offenses. Perhaps it is time to impeach this obstructionist Board.

The unexpected resignation of Ricky Vargas as POC president underscores the hopelessness that Vargas felt as he tried to effect significant changes in POC. The “majority of the board” were more interested in protecting their selfish interests prompting Vargas to simply give up and walk away.

Peping Cojuangco, Equestrian (Courtesy of DLSU Alumni Association)

As the “majority of the board” continue to hold the Filipino sports community in hostage, their long list of offenses remain unresolved and unanswered. From the illegal disenfranchisement of NSA’s, unliquidated funding and procurement of millions of pesos as allowances using taxpayers’ money, the “majority of the board” have not been made to answer for their various offenses.

Joey Romasanta, Volleyball (Bombo Radyo)

What makes the “majority of the board” so bold despite their offenses against Philippine Sports is that they do have the numbers in POC. Every action in POC has become a numbers game. A wrong can be made right through the numbers game. And more often than not, this is what happens in POC.

Jeff Tamayo, Soft Tennis (Spin.ph)

But the “majority of the board” have pushed their luck way too much this time. They have put the interest of the nation secondary to their desire to completely control the SEA Games hosting and the 6B peso budget that goes with it. They have dared to go against the wishes of government at this point.

Jonnie Go, Canoe-Kayak (Filipino.cn)

Thus, the need to remove the “majority of the board” becomes imperative and urgent. Philippine sports with all its athletes have suffered long enough under the hands of the “majority of the board”. The Filipino people, with the help of government, must work hard to save whatever is left of Philippine sports. It is time for the Filipino people to unite and stand against the tyranny of the “majority of the board” in POC.

Julian Camacho. Wushu. (Spin.ph)

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